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Expectation is the Thief of Joy

Many of you may read the title of my post and think - "did Nashville's January snowpocalypses get to this chick? ... she knows the saying is, 'comparison is the thief of joy,' right?!" Yes, I know the saying. No comment on the Nashville tundra; it's a sensitive subject for us constantly cold people -… Continue reading Expectation is the Thief of Joy

Feeling Fit and Fancy, Keep it Positive

New Years Resolutions – The Mighty Equalizers

I have mixed feelings about going to the gym after January 1st. While finding an open treadmill becomes a laughable exercise (pardon the pun), there is something intrinsically powerful about the shift in attendance, be it at your local YMCA, morning yoga class or spin studio. A remarkable resurgence of commitment accompanies the new year,… Continue reading New Years Resolutions – The Mighty Equalizers

Keep it Positive, New Nashville Spots!

It’s all About Perspective

While at brunch with some girlfriends yesterday, I enjoyed a delicious fruit tartine, and learned of a little method one of my friends used to shift her perspective during this year's hectic medical school winter season to make habitual activities positive and exciting, rather than menial and frustrating. Ever since she shared her method (and… Continue reading It’s all About Perspective

Feeling Fit and Fancy, Keep it Positive

Morning Motivation, Positivity & Inspiration

Morning routines are incredibly interesting to me โ€“ I love reading about how influencers and motivators wake up each morning and kick off their days. (Honestly, the time the alarm goes off for some of these people is astonishing โ€“ and a non-starter for me when it comes to morning routine mirroring.) Learning about morning… Continue reading Morning Motivation, Positivity & Inspiration