Keep it Positive, New Nashville Spots!

It’s all About Perspective

While at brunch with some girlfriends yesterday, I enjoyed a delicious fruit tartine, and learned of a little method one of my friends used to shift her perspective during this year’s hectic medical school winter season to make habitual activities positive and exciting, rather than menial and frustrating.

fruit tartine
Marche Artisan Foods in East Nashville features wonderfully delicious (and beautifully plated) seasonal fruit tartines – this one featured toasty multi-grain bread, sweetened whipped ricotta, local Tennessee honey and poached plums ♥♥

Ever since she shared her method (and I will recount it below for inspiration / further thought), I have been mulling over how to incorporate such a strategically positive mindset into my day-to-day life (particularly as C and I enter the less-than-one-month-from-the-wedding point!)

My friend has been able to rock medical school while being a puppy parent – which is an amazing feat! She shared that during the harsh Pennsylvania winter, her mind would try to find excuses to shorten her daily dog walks to stay out of the cold, but this left her with negative feelings that she was depriving her puppy of outdoor exercising time. To spin her perspective and make sure she was being the best puppy parent she could be, she decided to accompany each dog walk with a hot cocoa taste test. In effect, this added a fun foodie goal / challenge to her dog walks, enabling her to test and determine the best hot cocoa shop in her city, while also bracing herself with a hot, tasty beverage to contend with the cold and maximize her outdoor dog walking time. I just LOVED this story!

I think it is a great push to find complementary activities or goals that can drive success and accomplishment in other areas of your life. In retrospect, I have found that waking up early on weekdays to run before work has translated to earlier weekend mornings for me, which at first glance may seem like an unintended curse where sleep can never be had! However, I find that wakefulness is not, in fact, a negative because I inevitably go to sleep earlier (so my time spent sleeping is reasonable – usually between seven and eight hours) and an earlier “get going” time allows C and me to be productive (and leisurely) and check out new local restaurants while most of the city is still asleep. I feel that I could just as easily view earlier wake-up calls as draining and drudgery-inducing, but instead this new method of recasting it in a new light allows me to see it as something that enables more “time for activities” (shameless Stepbrothers reference)!

All this to say…inspiration and ingenuity can truly come into your life at any point (even at a casual Sunday brunch among friends) and you should always be open to embracing (and seeking out) a new perspective! I plan to continue with this emboldened tack for positivity and a “glass half full”  mentality – and, with it, will hopefully get the opportunity to share that many more experiences (food, travel, workout, shopping and otherwise) with y’all!


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