New Nashville Spots!

Doughnut Miss Out on Five Daughters Bakery

One of my very best friends in the whole world recently moved to Nashville and we have started a tradition of biweekly couple date nights where one of us cooks dinner and the other brings dessert. It is such a fun way to bond together over new recipes, spend more time in one another’s spacious apartment kitchens, and have great casual conversation without the burden of restaurant wait lines, etc.

Now, let me set the record straight that I fully intend to start recipe-testing some new baked items as my registry items arrive and I have more appliances and pieces to start a full-fledged baking adventure (it is atrocious that I do not currently own a muffin pan). As it stands, a Friday night dinner involved me working until 5 PM and then scrambling over to 12 South to pick up some goodies from a place on all of our bucket lists: Five Daughters Bakery.

five daughters storefront
What an adorable space! – I adore the teal and hot pink color scheme, the repurposed home in which the bakery and shop was developed, the cutesie “doughnuts as o’s” in the to-go window, and the clean modern tile decor throughout the interior ♥

Our timing was not as optimal as it could have been – a Friday night pick-up time coinciding with Vanderbilt and Belmont move-in weekend meant slim pickings for doughnuts. The 12th South location was basically down to 12 doughnuts when I arrived after work – pro tip would be to get there as early as possible to maximize your chance for variety and volume!

That being said, we still had several tasty items to take with us (from top to bottom): A cinnamon twist, two vanilla sugar 100 layer doughnuts and The Quinn.

Donuts box

I went halfsies with C on the vanilla sugar 100-layer doughnut and the cinnamon twist – they were much more reminiscent of croissants to me (due to the flaky buttery layers), though they were more delicate (read: fluffy) and coated with sweet crystal toppings. Group consensus was that The Quinn tasted like a caramelized croissant in a fun muffin / doughnut form with a kick of crispy maple flavor.

Some fun facts I learned about the Five Daughters Bakery operation:

  • It takes four days to make a 100-Layer Doughnut; they are each handled and decorated individually
  • They use “grass fed” French butter; single-origin chocolate; and fully non-GMO ingredients

I would absolutely go again – preferably at an earlier hour so I could see multiple trays of freshly baked goodies. I am excited to check out Five Daughters Bakery’s more seasonal / rotating items (e.g., cookie dough, pbj, salted caramel pretzel), as well as their paleo offerings! More to come when the next doughnut craving kicks in, y’all!


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