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Bachelorette’s Guide to Charleston – Part Three

On our final day in Charleston, we woke up and decided to fit in a few more tourist activities scheduled around our brunch reservations and flights back home. We had read (and heard positive reviews from our hotel concierge) about the Old Slave Mart, which was located about a block from the Mills House on a historic cobblestone road. The building, which is a repurposed antebellum slave auction gallery, features an open air market with tons of booths for local artisans, artists, restaurants and other Charleston businesses to showcase their wares. Some of our favorite booths sold Rewined candles (wine-scented candles in recycled wine bottles – the best was the rosé candle #yeswayrosé) and bath bombs (I took home an oatmeal and honey orb and a unicorn-colored cotton candy variety)! They also had booths featuring Hot Little Biscuit breakfast treats and Caviar and Bananas goodies!

With our souvenirs in tow, we walked a few more blocks over to Husk for brunch! There is a satellite Husk in Nashville with the same Victorian decor and Southern, farm-to-table inspired dishes, but I had never tried it for brunch and was excited to scope out the original! The restaurant was beautifully designed with prominent, double-story porches and draping greenery. A cool aspect of Husk that I never realized is that, in true farm-to-table fashion, the restaurant’s menu changes almost daily to the point where you often cannot reorder the same dish twice! When we entered the Victorian-era restaurant, we saw a large wooden board front and center with the names of the farms from which all of the ingredients were sourced, which was amazing – there were products, meats and produce from at least twenty different local farms!

We scored a beautiful outdoor table on the second-floor porch and ordered drinks to kick off the meal – I opted for a sparkling mimosa while the rest of the crew ordered coffee and Bloody Mary’s, which INCREDIBLY featured pickles and ham)! The menu was chock full of amazing items, and in true #fueledbybalance, muffin-loving fashion, I ended up ordering their Corn Muffin dish. I was pleasantly surprised when our plates came out as mine was impeccably, colorfully dressed, with a large corn muffin / corn bread rectangular base with whipped ricotta, glazed peaches, honey drizzle, green figs and fresh basil. The corn-based cake was dense and had a great texture and taste alongside the sweeter, fluffier toppings. It was SO GOOD – and I was delighted with my choice! I am excited to return to Husk for a Nashville brunch back at home to try out some other unique, local dishes!

After brunch, we had a couple of hours until we had to head to the airport, so we took advantage of the time to stroll down Rainbow Row and around Battery Park.  Rainbow Row is a renowned series of thirteen colorful historic houses in Charleston designed in the Georgian style (may have overheard a tour group as we explored…)!

The colors are absolutely beautiful and the palm trees provided a great amount of shade as we walked along the pastel East Bay Street row.

Tangential thought: how cool would an Easter Egg hunt be along this strip? Seriously “East(er) Bay Street Rainbow Row” – if they aren’t capitalizing on this marketing opportunity, they should!

Rainbow Row led directly to Battery Park – the opposite end from Waterfront Park where we did our Saturday morning yoga practice – and it provided beautiful views of the water, tons of walking dogs (including two golden retrievers who I admittedly took too many stalker fan photos of), and the lovely treescaped White Point Garden park. It was a wonderful way to cap off our trip with some natural, historic views in the city before heading back home!

Final thoughts: Charleston was such a classy, adventurous way to spend my bachelorette weekend and I am so blessed to have amazing friends to plan (staring intensely at you, my sweet MOH!) and experience such a fun-filled, delicious and sightseeing-heavy weekend with! I have absolutely caught the weekend getaway travel bug and am excited to share more tips, tricks and recommendations with y’all as my passport bucket list gets some more checks off!


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